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6th Setagaya International Messe (Feb.12)

The Setagaya International Messe is an opportunity for people, countries, and regions to come together and interact. This event is a chance for everyone to encounter diverse cultures in a fun, easy-going context.

This time there will be calligraphy, as well as a hands on Indian yoga experience corner, Embassy, NPO, and a volunteer organizations booth. In addition there will be all sorts of stage programs.

For more detailed information about the program please take a look at the Setagaya city website.


2/12  Sunday 11:00 – 16:00


Nihon University College of Humanities and Sciences 100th Anniversary Hall New Arena (Sakurajosui 3-25-40) access





How to Apply

You do not need to apply.

Reservation required for the two programs., online or by phone or fax by January 31.

Contact the Cultural and International Affairs Division (03-6304-3439)  or Electronic application.




Setagaya City Civic and Cultural Affairs Policy Department, Caltural and International Affairs Division (Bunka-Kokusai-Ka)


TEL 03-6304-3439  FAX 03-6304-3710


City of Setagaya and Setagaya Arts Foundation (Setagaya Intercultual Center)



Flyer (PDF)  Download

(English and 中文 are available)