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Japanese for Protecting Your Life Project by CINGA

Citizen’s Network for Global Activities(CINGA)  has started a project “Japanese for Protecting Your Life Project” to offer useful Japanese language instruction for foreign residents under home quarantine infected with COVID-19


Japanese for Protecting Your Life Project

Some foreigners who are infected with coronaviruses are receiving home medical treatment. You need to call the health center in Japanese by yourself when you feel sick suddenly during the home medical treatment. In this project, you can learn how to say in Japanese in such cases.



Japanese for Protecting Your Life (Video)

A team of Japanese language teachers and CINGA’s translation team worked together to produce a video that introduces the Japanese language for communicating symptoms of COVID19 when talking to the hospital or health center personnel, or when calling an ambulance.



List of Highly Urgent Symptoms of Corona (COVID19) translated by CINGA

We have translated the “Highly Urgent Symptoms of Corona (COVID19)” published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare into English, Chinese, Nepali, Vietnamese, and Spanish.