Information on COVID-19

□【To Foreigners】 Information on COVID-19 (English translation from Setagaya City HP)
To Prevent Getting COVID-19

To Get Consultation Services on COVID-19

To Research COVID-19

Information on Hospitals with Multiligual Support

Information for Those in Work-related Problems (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

□Updates on COVID-19 in Tokyo
(Tokyo HP: The Information website of COVID19, official website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  • Status of test positives
  • Number of newly infected patients, and more

□Information on Special Cash Payments

  • The application period for Special Cash Payment ended on Aug.27, 2020 in Setagaya.

(Clare HP)

Information on Novel Coronavirus in various languages

  • (やさしいにほんご/English/Thai/Vietnamese/ Tagalog/French/Korean/Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/Portuguese/Spanish/Indonesian/Nepalese/Myanmar/German/Russian/Khmer/Mongolian)