Lectures for “Setagaya Japanese Supporters” (Intermediate class)

Lecture Theme ~Japanese that can be used outside of the classroom~

“I want to be able to use the things I learned…” “I’m glad I studied Japanese!” Japanese language learning supporters all hope to inspire Japanese learners to have these thoughts. In this course, we will learn ideas for teaching learners how to continue a conversation while looking at examples, and through observing how learners learn Japanese, we will think about how to connect “situations for learning” and “situations for use”.

December 17th, 2022 (Saturday) 10:15am-12:00pm


Kitazawa Town Hall (2-8-18 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku) 2nd Floor  Assembly Room 1・2


Kaneko Hiroyuki
Tokyo Japanese Language Volunteer・Network(TNVN)/Hosei University Japanese Language Education Program Lecturer


Residents of Setagaya, Workers, Students, Japanese Language Support Volunteers of Over One Year


30 Participants(If there are an overwhelming number of applicants, a lottery will be held)
※Results will be around early December and will be issued by mail.

Participation Fee


Application Form・Contact Information

  • The online application form can be found online on Setagaya’s Homepage
    Top Page>Culture・Sports・Lifelong Learning>Intercultural Coexistence・International Exchange>Event Information

  • The written appplication form can be sent by mail or fax.

*Written Application(PDF)Download Here

(Setagaya Intercultural Center will also distribute the forms.)

Delivery Address
Setagaya Ward Life and Culture Policy Department: Culture and International Division
6-3-5 Matsubara, Setagaya-ku
Tokyo 156-0043
FAX 03-6304-3710  Phone 03-6304-3439

※This course will not give any special certification.
※We are not in charge of enrollment for Japanese language class volunteers.

Application Deadline

November 25th, 2022 (Friday) (金)Must be received by this date.