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Refugee Film Festival Partnership Screening 2024

Refugee Film Festival Partnership Screening will be held.

This time, 2 documentaries from Sudan and Afghanistan will be shown.

Every part of the world might wake up and show support after watching these movies.

We will be waiting for everyone’s attendance.

Tickets are available here (Opens to PassMarket Home Page)

Latest Information 

  • Beginning April 25th up until the day of the screening, tickets will be available for purchase online.
  • If you find buying tickets online to be challenging, please contact Crossing Setagaya. We will be glad to lend a helping hand. (Note: Tickets will not be sold at the Crossing Setagaya window.)
  • At the event, UNHCR plans to do some fund-raising activities.

Date and Time()

2024, Friday, June 21st.


The venue will open at 13:30. The screenings will begin at 14:00 and finish by 18:00 (planned schedule)

Meeting Place ()

Seijō Hall  access

(Setagaya Seijō 6-2-1)


200 participants()


Anyone is free to participate.

The Showing Films (Screening Times) 

  • 戦火(せんか)のランナー Runner (14:00)
  • (わたし)(うた)う〜アフガン女性(じょせい)たちの(たたか)い〜 And Still I Sing (16:00)
  • It’s possible that the screening will begin up to 15 minutes in advance. Please check the home page for the latest information.


500 yen (non-reserved seating)

Free for students.


Ticket Purchase

First, click the link and purchase a ticket.

Tickets are available here (Opens to PassMarket Home Page)

*important information!)

    • (
      Once you purchase a ticket, it is not possible to cancel it.
    • With the purchase of one ticket, the viewing of both movies is included.
    • It is also possible to only appreciate one work. In the case you would like to depart during the screening, please follow the instructions given by the staff accordingly.
    • Free for students. When buying a ticket online (through PassMarket), make sure to purchase a free ticket. On the day of the screening, please make sure to bring your student identification card.
    • Wheelchair seats are available (3). Please contact us for more information.
    • Information on how to receive and accept applications at the venue will be sent prior to the date of the screening by email.


Setagaya Intercultural Center

03-5432-1538(10:00-18:00, Closed on Mondays)

Inquiry Form

(Please refrain from contacting Seijō Hall directly with inquiries)


Setagaya Cultural Foundation

公益(こうえき)財団法人(ざいだんほうじん) せたがや文化(ぶんか)財団(ざいだん)世田谷(せたがや)


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Introducing the Showing Films

戦火のランナー Runner


The Screening Films’ Homepage

私は歌う〜アフガン女性たちの闘い〜 And Still I Sing


The Screening Films’ Homepage