Privacy policy

Handling of Personal Information

On this site, every effort shall be made to handle personal information properly in harmony with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations, and the Privacy Policy of the Setagaya Arts Foundation so that the website can be used safely by everyone.

What is personal information?

This refers to any information that can identify a specific individual such as a person’s name, date of birth, address, telephone number, and email address.

Application scope

This policy shall apply only to this site. The handling of information at linked sites shall be the responsibility of each one.

Collection of personal information

When collecting personal information, the usage purpose shall be clearly indicated, and collection shall be done within the scope necessary for achieving that purpose based on consent.

Restrictions on the use of personal information

Personal information shall only be used within the scope of the usage purpose and it shall not be used beyond the scope of the purpose.

Management of personal information

Personal information shall be strictly managed, and preventative measures and security measures shall be implemented for protecting against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.

Ground regulations

Regarding the handling of personal information and its systems, the Setagaya Arts Foundation has established Foundation Regulations, etc., has clarified who is responsible for management, and maintains a system that complies with personal information protection. The following are the personal information protection regulations, rules, and policies of the Setagaya Arts Foundation.

About links

Be sure that you understand the following points when creating a link to this site.

  • (1)Links to this site are free. However, when creating a link, please indicate that it is a link to the Setagaya Intercultural Center (Crossing Setagaya) homepage.
    Please contact us in advance if you want to publish any introductory text or information about the activities of the center together with the link.
  • (2)Links to pages other than the top page( are subject to change without notice.

About the use of cookies

Some contents on our site makes use of cookies to improve our services.

What is a cookie?

Cookies work to store information such as the fact that you visited the site on your computer (or a device that can connect to the Internet such as a smartphone or tablet). Using cookies allows us to obtain information such as the number of times you have visited the website from your computer and the pages you visited. The information collected by cookies does not contain “information that can identify you individually.”
You can also disable cookies via your browser settings. However, please note that disabling cookies may result in the loss of some functions with this site or slow the response speed.

Usage Purpose

Understanding the usage status and examination for improving services
By understanding the usage status of services provided via this site, cookies are used as a reference to improve services and provide better services according to the interests and needs of customers.

About the use of Google Analytics

  1. This site uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, in order to understand the usage status of this site. Google Analytics makes use of cookies issued by the company to analyze the usage of this site. The company receives analysis results from Google (such as Google Analytics reports on user attributes and interest categories) in order to understand the access status of customers.
  2. Customer information that is collected, recorded, and analyzed by Google Analytics does not contain information that can identify a particular individual. In addition, such information is managed by Google according to their privacy policy.
    Please refer to the Google Analytics site for more information about the Google Analytics Terms of Service, and visit their company site for details on Google’s Privacy Policy.
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  3. It is possible to disable Google Analytics by downloading and installing the “Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on” at Google’s opt-out add-on download page and changing the add-on settings of your browser. In addition, by disabling Google Analytics, Google Analytics will be disabled on websites that you visit other than this site. However, it is possible to re-enable Google Analytics by reconfiguring your browser add-on settings.
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