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< Applicants Closed>「Lets Learn About Islam! A Trip to Tokyo Camii」(Held on 04/27)

Understanding Multicultural Lecture Series: “Let’s Learn About Islam! A Trip to Tokyo Camii”

Located near Yoyogi and Harajuku station, Tokyo Camii is the largest mosque in Japan. While listening to commentary in Japanese from staff members, participants will explore what is said to be the most beautiful building in Asia and learn about how to properly pray in the prayer hall. The cafe and halal market are also very attractive. This is a chance for participants to learn about the culture of Islam through first hand experience.


Saturday, April 27th  11:00~13:00

Meeting Place


(Tokyo Camii and Diyanet Turkish Culture Center ( Shibuya, Oyamacho 1-19)





30 Participants

*Application first come first served




500 yen

(Free for junior high school students and under)


How to Apply

*Sorry, application is closed.

*You will be notified via email in February whether or not you will be able to participate.

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